Connections prevail over merit when appointing judges in the State of California, including our Chief Justice.

tinkerbellOne would assume that to be elevated to the highest legal position in this State that this person requires extra-ordinary qualifications and outstanding legal accomplishments.That is very far from the truth as displayed by the appointment of our current Chief Justice in this state.

Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye was closely affiliated with Governor Deukmejian, who appointed her to the Sacramento Municipal Court in 1990.

Previously the chief justice was his legal secretary in 1988 and earlier than that she apparently was the babysitter for the governor’s children. Gov. Pete Wilson elevated her to the Sacramento Superior Court in 1997; she was placed on the Third District Court of Appeal in 2005 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger; and she was named as chief justice by Schwarzenegger in 2011.

Litigants have lamented the way that Justice Cantil-Sakauye handled cases in the Sacramento county family court system and in the Court of Appeal.  Both courts had a reputation of  covering up heinous family law atrocities and discriminating against pro per family law litigants. The attitude towards litigants was described as being openly hostile and directly attributed to our chief justice who can hardly be described as the Tinkerbell of the California judicial system.

The legacy appears to have meandered over to our current Supreme Court as in a seven year period the Supreme Court has refused to review unpublished family law cases and no pro per litigant has had a petition for review accepted.

I’m sure that tax paying parents who fund the current court system and pay the Chief Justice’s salary are only to delighted that their rights and the rights of their children are represented in such an “EFFECTIVE” manner.



One comment on “Connections prevail over merit when appointing judges in the State of California, including our Chief Justice.

  1. And her skills as a professional blackjack dealer are immensely valuable for a position as Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court!

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