Does the rules committee follow the rules?

Judicial Council Watcher

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Last Thursday, the Judicial Council’s Rules and Projects Committee (RUPRO) met to take up the issue of the renaming of the Administrative Office of the Courts, as requested by the Chief Justice.  The RUPRO meeting, conducted telephonically, was slated to run an hour.  It lasted only 15 minutes. As expected, the committee voted unanimously to forward a set of proposed changes to the Rules of Court—presumably written by AOC staff—for approval by the Judicial Council at its next meeting.  When committee members tried to raise concerns about ambiguous language, the committee chair assured them that any problems would be fixed in the future, and that they were there simply to ratify a decision already made by the Council.

We have questions about the purpose of this meeting and how it was conducted.

First, why the rush to change the AOC’s name?  Why must every trace of the AOC, which…

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