CA Attorney calls for obstruction of justice charges against Court Officials

Dear Sir/Madam:
I am writing to report what appear to be very serious violations by Marin Superior Court Judge Beverly Wood and former CA Judicial Council Member/current Marin Court Executive Officer Kim Turner, of, among other things, Government Code section 6200, CA Penal Code sections 182 and 96.5, and Federal RICO statutes.

As will be detailed below, the Marin County Superior Court Registers of Actions are being deliberately altered, and false certified Registers of Actions and minute orders are intentionally being created and disseminated, in cases involving Marin Superior Court bench officer Beverly Wood. This is being done with the knowledge and assistance of Marin Court Executive Officer (former Judicial Council Member) Kim Turner. Both have been notified of
the falsification of records; both have been offered the opportunity to remedy the falsification of Court records; both have declined that opportunity. Turner went so far as to suggest in writing that the falsified information in the Marin court register of actions and minute orders was true
and could be relied upon as true. The actions of Turner and Wood have irreparably harmed Petitioner/Mother herein, and undermined any confidence the public or others (including the Court of Appeal) could or should have with respect to the integrity of the Marin County Superior Court Register of Actions and Minute Orders, perhaps, but not necessarily, especially those
involving Judge Beverly Wood and her husband’s law firm, Freitas McCarthy.
Summary of charges herein: On October 3,2013, Petitioner/Mother (hereafter
“Mother”) in Marin court case number FL 064080 filed a California Code of Civil Procedure section 170.1 request for disqualification of Judge Beverly Wood, citing, among other things, four documented instances of substantive, illegal, and prejudicial ex parte communications and proceedings between Wood and Respondent/Father (hereafter “Father”), a former client of Wood’s law firm, Freitas McCarthy in the time period June 10, 2013 through August 30, 2013.

Wood orally struck the disqualification request that same day, October 3, 2013. Mother has proof that the unsigned, written minute order striking the disqualification was entered 25 days later, on October 28, 2013. The certified register of actions and certified minute order state that
the minute order striking the disqualification was entered on October 3, 2013. The date the order was entered is crucial to Mother’s legal position that according to statutory and case law, Wood was disqualified by operation of law because the written order was not officially entered and effective within 10 days of service of the request for disqualification. Mother and her counsel have asked Court Executive Officer Kim Turner and Judge Beverly Wood for an official Notice of Entry of Order striking the disqualification motion. Both have refused, although pursuant to CCP Section 170.3(d), service of written Notice of Entry of the order striking the disqualification triggers a 10-day time limit within which to file a writ challenging a
disqualification order.

Prior allegations: In 2010, Marin family law attorney Paul Camera reported to Marin Presiding Judge Terence Boren and the Commission on Judicial Performance the secret retroactive alteration of family court records (the register of actions and a minute order) in a case involving Beverly Wood. Mr. Camera pointed out that pursuant to Government Code section 6200, it is a crime punishable by 2-4 years in state prison, for “every officer having the custody of any record, map, or book, or of any paper or proceeding of any court, filed or deposited in any public place”, to “alter or falsify” such record. See Mr. Camera’s 3/23/2010 complaint to the Commission on Judicial Performance with referenced 3/22/2010 letter to then Presiding Judge
Terence Boren, submitted herewith as Exhibit “A” and incorporated herein by this reference.

Mr. Camera reports the behavior of then-Commissioner Beverly Wood and includes the documentary proof of the alteration of official court records seven months after the fact. He reports Wood’s unprofessional inclusion of inaccurate, inappropriate and irrelevant personal attacks in her order defending the alteration of records, in an apparent attempt to discredit Mr.
Camera and his client, and in Mr. Camera’s words, “deflect attention away from what happened”. (It is believed but has not been confirmed by checking the file that Wood’s court clerk subsequently claimed she served a Notice of Entry of Judgment on the attorneys in this June 9, 2014 Letter to Officials Re Wood/Turner Evidence Tampering, Etc. 2 case, but none of the attorneys on either side of the case received it, thereby compromising appellate remedies. It is believed that Judge Faye D’Opal was the judge on the case at the time
the Notice of Entry of Judgment issue was addressed.)

In 2009, while a Joint Legislative Audit Committee investigation of the Marin Family Court was pending, CA Judicial Council Member/Marin Court Executive Officer Kim Turner, with approval by the CA Administrative Office of the Courts, and knowledge of the Marin Superior Court bench, ordered the mass destruction of child custody evidence contained in Marin Family Court Services files, while blocking the state auditor’s access to Marin family court documents and employees. The longtime Marin Family Court Services supervisor resigned while Turner was denying auditor access to court employees, and was thereafter unavailable to be interviewed by the state auditor.

Background of this case: Mother has unsuccessfully sought the disqualification of Commissioner-turned-Judge Beverly Wood since Wood first entered this case in 2008 and commenced a pattern of prejudicial conduct favorable to multimillionaire Father, a former client of the Freitas McCarthy law firm. Wood’s husband, Peter Kleinbrodt, is a managing partner at the Freitas McCarthy law firm with Neil Moran, husband of Wood’s good friend Marin Judge Lynn Duryee (who just retired this year). Wood was an associate at the Freitas McCarthy law firm before being selected to serve as a Marin County Commissioner. Each year Wood reports a hefty interest in the Freitas McCarthy law firm.


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  1. According to Ms. Kauffman, losing her law license is not the 58-year-old attorney’s only worry. “I have concerns about safety,” Kauffman said. “For a while my office was getting broken into on a regular basis. For months, each night the alarm would go off. I had a strange man knock on my door and tell me he knew where my kids were playing.”

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