Are the AOC and JC really the same?

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On July 29, the Judicial Council will vote to “retire” the name of the Administrative Office of the Court and henceforth refer to the AOC as “the Judicial Council staff.”  The reasons for the change, and for the haste with which it’s being made, remain muddled.  Our branch leaders claim that the change is necessary to eliminate “confusion”—although they never specify who is being confused, why the confusion couldn’t be cleared with a simple explanation rather than by suddenly changing the name of a 50-year-old institution, or why the confusion needs to be dispelled now, as opposed to sometime earlier in the budget process when it might have made a difference.

On one point, however, branch leaders have remained clear.  They have all repeatedly claimed that the AOC has never existed as a separate entity.

In a letter to AOC staff dated June 27, the Chief Justice wrote: “Many now…

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