CA court of appeal stats 8/5/2014

 A list of the unpublished decisions from all six appellate districts is included below.

Date Posted Docket #/
File Format
Description When filed Case Type Decision Appellant self represented Justice drafting opinion
08/05/14 B246573
P. v. Sanchez CA2/8 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 01/30/13 cr affirm no Kussman
08/05/14 B242081
Amin’s Oil v. Biswas CA2/8 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 06/21/12 civil affirm no Grimes
08/05/14 G048628
P. v. Randolph CA4/3 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 06/26/13 cr affirm no Bedsworth
08/05/14 B253123
In re L.R. CA2/8 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 11/06/13 juvenile appeal dismissed no Rubin
08/05/14 B252629
In re Jose A. CA2/3 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 10/29/13 juvenile delinquent The matter is remanded and the juvenile court is directed to correct the
minute order reflecting the oral pronouncement of judgment to show the court
determined count 1 to be a felony and count 2 to be a misdemeanor. In all other
respects, the order of wardship is affirmed.
no Klein
08/05/14 B252133
In re C.L. CA2/6 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 10/24/13 juvenile delinquent affirm no Perren
08/05/14 B251132
P. v. Ramirez CA2/6 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 09/06/13 cr wende appeal affirm no Perren
08/05/14 B250167
In re A.J. CA2/3 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 07/17/13 juvenile delinquent affirm no Klein
08/05/14 B248527
P. v. Williams CA2/3 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 05/02/13 cr affirm no Klein
08/05/14 B247298
Fowlkes v. Deutsche Bank CA2/8 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 03/05/13 civil The trial court is ordered to vacate its judgment of dismissal of respondent Shark
Investments, LLC, and to enter a new order overruling the demurrer by Shark
Investments, LLC. Appellants to recover their costs on appeal.
no Rubin
08/05/14 A138733
Marriage of Wellman an dZiino CA1/1 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 05/06/13 civil family law Neither the judgment in case No. DR090139, nor the bankruptcy court proceeding,
preclude litigation of apportionment. The order confirming the judgment in case
No. DR090139 as entirely one for child support judgment is vacated. So is the
no Benke
08/05/14 A131825M
David v. Hermann CA1/1 filed 7/14/14   Case Details 04/21/11 civil probate order modifying opinion no change in judgment no Margulies
08/05/14 E060818
E.I. v. Super. Ct. CA4/2 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 03/24/14 juvenile writ petition denied, pit bull puppies, feeding child junk food and second hand smoke no HOLLENHORST
08/05/14 D065069
P. v. Korol CA4/1 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 12/06/13 cr wende appeal The judgment is affirmed. The trial court is directed to amend the abstract of
judgment to reflect that the two-year sentences on counts 13 through 15 are lower terms
and to forward the corrected abstract to the Department of Corrections and
no McDonald
08/05/14 C074588
P. v. Vasquez CA3 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 08/26/13 cr wende appeal The judgment is affirmed. The trial court is directed to correct the amended
abstract of judgment to indicate the following: the sentence on count four is not
consecutive, it is stayed pursuant to section 654; the sentence on count six is not stayed
pursuant to section 654, it is a consecutive sentence; and all of the offenses occurred in 2012. The trial court shall deliver a certified copy of the corrected amended abstract of
judgment to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
no Mauro
08/05/14 B253529
Anchor Pacifica Management v. Green CA2/7 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 01/08/14 civil The orders granting in part Green’s motions for restitution and attorney fees are
reversed and the cause remanded for further consideration, consistent with this opinion,
of those motions and any related matters. In the interests of justice, all further
proceedings shall be heard before a trial judge other than the judge whose orders are
affected by this decision. (Code Civ. Proc., § 170.1, subd. (c).)
Green is to recover her costs, including attorney fees, on appeal. (Starpoint
Properties, LLC v. Namvar (2011) 201 Cal.App.4th 1101, 1111 [pursuant to § 1717
prevailing party in an action on or relating to a contract providing for an award of
attorney fees is entitled to recover its fees whether incurred at trial or on appeal].)
no Perluss
08/05/14 B252175
HP Production v. McDonald CA2/4 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 10/22/13 civil affirm yes Epstein
08/05/14 B250646
Marriage of Howard and Meeks CA2/2 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 08/09/13 civil family law affirm, appellant did not cite the record on appeal correctly yes Ashmann-Gerst
08/05/14 B250551
P. v. Brown CA2/2 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 08/06/13 cr affirm as modified with presentence custody credits no Ashmann-Gerst
08/05/14 B249450
P. v. Ento CA2/4 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 06/11/13 cr affirm no Epstein
08/05/14 A139499
P. v. Brown CA1/1 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 08/15/13 cr affirm no Banke
08/05/14 A138955
P. v. Nieves CA1/1 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 06/06/13 cr affirm no Becton
08/05/14 G049355
P. v. Contreras CA4/3 filed 8/4/14   Case Details 12/03/13 cr affirm no Rylaarsdam
08/05/14 F065715
Mt. Whitney Farms v. Sandstone Marketing CA5 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 08/16/12 civil affirm no Levy
08/05/14 D063806
P. v. Campbell CA4/1 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 04/25/13 cr affirm no McConnell
08/05/14 C074382
P. v. Martin CA3 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 07/24/13 cr The order of the Yuba County Superior Court requiring defendant to pay
restitution to Steve Jacobs in the amount of $567,560 is reversed. The matter is
remanded to the Yuba County Superior Court with directions to conduct a restitution
hearing based on damages by defendant to the transformer.
no Hull
08/05/14 B252089
P. v. Doop CA2/6 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 10/04/13 cr wende appeal affirm no Perren
08/05/14 B250719
P. v. Dermesrobian CA2/6 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 08/08/13 cr affirm no Gilbert
08/05/14 B238277A
Hager v. County of Los Angeles CA2/3 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 12/29/11 civil The judgment is reversed as to the award of $2,006,015 in damages, and is
otherwise affirmed. The order denying the motion for attorney fees is affirmed. The
parties are to bear their own costs on appeal.
no Aldrich
08/05/14 A141213
Conservatorship of Angelina S. CA1/4 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 02/21/14 civil conservatorship affirm no Reardon
08/05/14 A140918
P. v. Grant CA1/1 filed 8/5/14   Case Details 01/24/14 cr The portion of the judgment imposing a probation-revocation fine in the amount of
$280 under section 1202.44 is reduced to $240. The trial court is directed to prepare an
amended abstract of judgment and deliver it to the Department of Corrections and
Rehabilitation. In all other respects the judgment is affirmed.
no Humes
08/05/14 A135750
Kao v. University of San Francisco CA1/3 filed 8/4/14   Case Details 06/15/12 civil affirm no Siggins

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