Powerful Judicial Council Committee opens the public meeting doors for a brief glimpse before slamming them shut.

Judicial Council Watcher

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Last week, the Executive & Planning Committee held a brief public meeting by telephone. After approving the agenda for the next Judicial Council meeting, the committee’s chair, Justice Miller, asked the members to call a different number so that the committee members could privately discuss appointments to the Council’s advisory committees. An article in Courthouse News describing the E&P Committee’s teleconference is available below.

So this is how it works: The Chief Justice appoints 14 of the 21 members of the Judicial Council, not including herself; the Chief Justice appoints the members of the E&P Committee; and the E&P Committee—behind closed doors—nominates the members of the advisory committees. It’s a closed system in which the people in charge choose like-minded people, who in turn choose more like-minded people to give them advice. Committee members and their ideas are continuously recirculated. The system is set up to stagnate. The Council and…

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