New Administrative Director Has Strong Credentials in State Government

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As you recall from yesterday’s message from Alliance President, Judge Steve White, Martin Hoshino has been named the new Administrative Director of the Courts. The following article by Courthouse News reporter, Maria Dinzeo, provides some additional background on the appointment and on Mr. Hoshino’s past association with Judge White. We are optimistic that Mr. Hoshino will be an agent for real change in the operations of the branch and we look forward to working with him and the Judicial Council to achieve those goals in the months to come.

Directors, Alliance of California Judges


Courthouse News Service

New Director for Troubled Court Agency

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A former chief assistant inspector general for California, Martin Hoshino, has been hired to lead the San Francisco-based administrative agency for California’s courts. Hoshino will lead the roughly 800-member agency as it undergoes an investigation by the Bureau of…

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