The one hour judicial council meeting that costs a hundred grand?

Judicial Council Watcher

Thanks to a little bird we just found out about a one hour meeting on September 16th in Sacramento that requires the attendance of all managers and supervisors in the judicial council’s staff offices statewide.

This is a mandatory attendance meeting meaning wherever you are at, Burbank, San Francisco, etc you must make arrangements to attend this one hour meeting in person. This will undoubtedly include airfaire, rental cars, mileage charges and most supervisors and managers being out of office all day for a one hour meeting. It will likely include hotel accommodations for some travelers. 

And the one hour meeting subject?

Professionalism at work. 

Given that the council spent over a million dollars on an elaborate videoconferencing system to forego these kind of charges, professionalism at work should start with how you choose to spend the peoples money.


Your court dollars at work……

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