Riverside Superior Court issues restraining order against Grandma for attending a soccer game.

A concerned grandmother contacted the site and requested that her story be published.

“I am a grandmother who am a law abiding citizen that worked hard and had worked for almost 30 yrs for the State and cannot believe what goes on in the Riverside family court! 

I had reported my daughter in law to the CPS after repeatedly warning her to stop punching and beating up my 3 yr old grandson and 6 month old baby grandson. My son initially confronted her about it too but then changed course and together with his wife threatened me!  On 11/06/12 I reported her to the CPS and since that day she isolated my grandsons and son from me and my family.  The child is terribly attached to me as I cared for him from birth.  I filed a case for grandparent visitation but the commissioner simply denied it and read the entire CCRC report.  The CCRC report was biased and fabricated by the mediator!  In a 15 min mediation session she wrote that although grandmother was a big part of the children’s lives her mental stability had deteriorated in recent months!! The judge/commissioner read the whole thing, even though I protested against it, and indicated the Troxel case, mental issues and made a biased statement and denied visitation!  He did not give a damn about the bond between the child and me!  And I thought the Family court was all about the well being of children.

I requested copy of the transcripts and in meantime filed Reconsideraion and hired attorney Katelyn Durment of Law office of Richard Isles. When I received the transcripts I was surprised that is was altered. The biased remarks had disappeared & reading of CCRC disappeared & my speech changed!  I send several emails to the court reporter to correct them but she simply refuse to respond.  I thought maybe I was wrong and was going to let it go but then at the Reconsideration hearing on 04/19/13 my attorney’s office switched attorneys on me at last minute and send a different attorney.  This attorney knew nothing of my case!! She did not utter a single word on my behalf.  The Commissioner had a change of heart(possibly due to a letter I send to the mediator’s supervisor) and wanted us to confer and come to agreement to some visitation that would benefit the child.  This attorney and opposition attorney, Brian Baron came to agreement but she did not stipulate anything in writing.  She just told me to go home it is over. Give it a month or so! I told her what she did was breach of fiduciary duty and I threaten law suit!  I then requested transcripts and to my amazement they were also altered to show that this attorney spoke a whole slew of words in my defense when in fact she uttered none!!! Not only the judges are altering transcripts but this attorney also did!!
Months go by and I do not get to see my grandchildren as agreed on 04/19/13, so I further filed RFO to get visitation but in the meantime also filed complaint with Mark Cope(Presiding Judge) and the Board of Supervisors about the alterations taking place!  Mark Cope simply told me to take it up with the Court Reporters Board!  I did this only to be told no violations by court reporter even though there was a statement in there that clearly showed information was send in at a later time! And all parties refuse to give me the original stenographic notes! The Board of Supervisors did not bother to respond and when I called to find out what happen to my complaint simply told me they turned it in to Mark Cope!!

I am in litigation and have the right to use Private Investigator per my new attorney.  In meantime I used PI to find out where my grandsons played soccer & went to the filed to watch him on 2 occasions.  On the 2nd day my daughter in law caused a ruckus and attempted to hit me and 20 days later filed a restraining order against me using her attorney, Brian Baron.  This is 20 days later and there had been no contact of any kind between us yet the court gave her the Temporary Restraining Order on 12/10/13!! Furthermore, the hearing for the Permanent Restraining Order was not until 03/25/14! We went to trial on 03/25 and 04/25/14 at which time she was given the Perm Clets DV against me! This is more than 5 months later and there had been no contact of any kind between us!! A Permanent CLETS DV against a grandmother who went to the public soccer field to watch her grandchild play! Is is not abuse of the purposes of a Restraining Order! I never harassed them in anyway or called or contacted them for months before or after the filing of the Restraining Order even though they lived a block from my home!! Yet the judge Gail O’Rane  issued a CLETS against me which is violation of my first amendment rights.  I have a right to go to a public soccer field with whoever I want.  She issued the CLETs because I went to soccer filed twice with PI which was unknown to anyone!  Even though my attorney pointed out violations of code 6203 6320, CCP  421.26 46  anti-slapp laws she still slapped me with the restraining order under penal code 646.9(e) although this code section clearly states
(e) For the purposes of this section, “harasses” means engages in a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person that seriously alarms, annoys, torments, or terrorizes the person, and that serves no legitimate purpose.
(f) For the purposes of this section, “course of conduct” means two or more acts occurring over a period of time, however short, evidencing a continuity of purpose. Constitutionally protected activity is not included within the meaning of “course of conduct.”

The Judge even justified the violent behavior of my son & daughter in law in the field that day. They tailgated me on the way to the field, threatened me with their car, used foul language in front of young children, caused a ruckus and attempted to hit me. There were several witnesses yet the Judge justified this character as their right to express that they don’t want grandma there!! What about my right to be at any public area with whoever I want!!

 Appears to me this was retaliation against me for complaining about altered transcripts!!  I took it to Appeal but when I went to file my appeal I got a sinking feeling and it seemed the clerk at the window was familiar with who I am. Like they have been talking about me!   I cannot put my finger on it but I got a bad feeling about filing an appeal with this court.  I totally lost faith in this system.  A system I once so respected! I later read up on the internet about people’s experiences with this court so I requested the appeal dismissed in fear of further retaliation against me like being deemed a vexations litigant or something worse!

I want to tell you my story as I really do not know what to do.  How can one trust this judicial system when a judge justifies violent behavior and ignores the law!! “


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