Riverside Superior Court announces new judicial assignments.

A number of judges have been transferred or reassigned.


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2 comments on “Riverside Superior Court announces new judicial assignments.

  1. I was shocked to see Jackson Lucky assigned to Domestic Violence Calendar as I don’t feel he’s qualified to establish the perpetrator from the victim, I had a 3 yr RO against my x, there’s a long history of abuse and domestic violence, documented evidence of my x’s violent behavior against his victims, me and our 3 kids, my x violated the RO and was arrested and found guilty and criminally charged for spousal battery in Riverside County, evidence to support the children were in fear of him, Judge Lucky let Attorney Michelle Penna use his courtroom as a circus to showboat her ability to misrepresent the facts to the court with the willful intent to mislead the court to grant orders in her clients favor, so despite all this evidence, the judge ordered a 730 eval, my x’s attorney requested therapy with Mitchell Rosen, and Minor’s councel which per Penna’s own billing the minors councel was set up in advance of the court date in which they filed ex-parte for a restraining order on false allegations that I threatened the life of my x and my daughter, they fabricated lies in order to make their request appear warranted but I knew he wasn’t after the order for protection, I showed proof of that to the court yet Judge Lucky granted this restraining order against me in which the order requested sole custody to the abuser, labeled me as the perpetrator of a DVRO, my spousal support set at $0, (for a homemaker in a 21 year marriage), and I would have supervised visitation with the corrupt therapist at 100% my expense of $160 per hour with no job, no income, no spousal support and I was left penniless and homeless as a result of the order granted by judge lucky and 4 years later I still live in and out of a motel, unable to support myself, unable to find a job that pays enough to afford a place to live of my own and on top of that I am completely alienated from my kids who are now adults, my children are the extension of abuse and they treat me the exact same way as their father does, all of this happened because Judge Lucky didn’t conduct any investigation into the abuse and only put the abuse on record after I had violated the order in texting my daughter and he had me arrested, only after they had a case to put down about me did the judge finally take note of the criminal battery charge of my x yet still he did nothing to change it, he denied all my requests to reconsider the DVRO, I was victimized in the very courtroom that purports to protect victims like myself and my kids, my kids ended up in the custody of their abuser and I ended up living on the street as a result of orders he granted that have been misused for what was my x stood to gain within the order and had nothing to do with protection, this was his legal right by the court to continue to abuse and I am still a victim, stripped of everything and condemned to a life of hell in isolation abused by my abuser, abused by my kids and left with nothing and no one. Thank you Judge Jackson Lucky, you gave my convicted batterer a DVRO against me the victim and I am left to suffer as a result of your judicial duty to protect the victims of abuse from being further victimized. You let Penna use your courtroom as a circus, I was subjected to Legal Abuse Syndrome, Systemic Abuse, Penna’s countless ethics violations, falsely accused and labeled the perpetrator of abuse of the restraining order you granted. You Judge Lucky failed to protect me and my kids during divorce proceedings in your courtroom, you failed at your judicial duty and I am a victim who’s still paying the price every single day of my life as I live in squalor and my abuser has taken everything from me in the court order they requested with the intent of misuse.

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