“When they can’t get into court to have those issues heard … it’s a violation of those rights.”

Your Honor, what is the use of a first amendment right to governmental redress and the constitutional right to have issues heard in a “fair way” if you have a biased and prejudiced judge on the bench who is not equipped to handle family law cases?

The personal viewpoint and belief of a judge and the public acceptance of the Riverside Superior Court, who leaves children in an abusive situation to be exposed to further abuse and harm, is NOT having any issues heard in a fair way as children are left to vegetate in the same abusive situation that this court has created for them over YEARS.

Children are not collateral damage to be used by a warped and disassociated judiciary who “believe” that a mother has no relevance to her children’s lives and where they can be used perpetually as tools of abuse and tools of judicial retaliation against her as the judge hearing the case failed to adhere to the legal standard REQUIRED by law and applied the same prejudice and bias of his predecessor.

Why does this court persist in utilizing family law as a training forum for an inexperienced judiciary, gaining “experience” while they massacre children and their parents in the process to be irreparably damaged? Where is the oversight to ensure that the holocaust destruction of a parent child relationship does not occur which is viewed as the norm in this court?

Children have their childhood destroyed by the actions of this court, a childhood that can NEVER be regained.

News and Views Riverside Superior Court and San Bernardino Superior Court; National Family Law Abuse

These are the profound words of our current Riverside Superior Court Presiding Judge, Mark Cope.

The below statement was part of a comment on the current budget crisis in our Superior Court, published in the Gavel Grab.

“People have a civil right, and therefore a constitutional right to have
their issues resolved in a fair way,” the presiding judge in Riverside
County, Mark Cope, said. “When they can’t get into court to have those
issues heard … it’s a violation of those rights.”


On his online running platform, under justice, Judge Cope advocates that “The role of a judge is not to make law, but to apply it”.http://www.democracy.com/JudgeCope/issues.aspx?Tag=Justice

Although as litigants we truly appreciate the sentiment, the reality that parents and children deal with in the Riverside Superior Court is very different. Our cases are not heard and most of us have our constitutional rights violated on a…

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