Alliance Members Identify Priorities for Incoming Administrative Director

Judicial Council Watcher

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We asked our membership to suggest priorities for the incoming Administrative Director of the Courts, Martin Hoshino. Thank you to our members who took the time to lay out priorities for the judicial branch. Here we will attempt to summarize those responses, which we plan to share with Mr. Hoshino when we meet with him next month.

By far the most common theme of our members’ responses focused on limiting and redefining the role of the Judicial Council and its staff, formerly known as the Administrative Office of the Courts. Nearly every judge who weighed in stressed this as a primary concern. Some of the specific comments we received on this topic include:

  • “Limit the function, power and authority of Judicial Council staff.”
  • “Reaffirm that judges are Constitutional officers, not employees of court administration. The Judicial Council and its staff should serve and aid the courts, not dictate policy.”
  • “The…

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