Change in the judicial retention system mandated.

Judges once they have been appointed in this state automatically have a position for life unless they have opposition.

Voters realistically do not get to choose to keep judges in the relevant judicial elections as once a candidate runs without opposition their name does not appear on the voter ballot. Any person who runs against a sitting judge needs to deal with the judicial system clique as the judiciary protect their own. It does not matter how competent their job performance is, it matters that they belong to a select group of individuals who rally against the person who has the audacity to demand a fair and equal justice system.

A change needs to occur as the system is stacked against litigants demanding a fair and equal justice system and that there is a actually a COMPETENT judiciary, capable of addressing the law.

Currently there are three candidates that are up for election in November, which includes current Presiding Judge Mark Cope. The rest of the Riverside Superior Court judiciary will automatically be reelected, negating the point of voter rights in this State.

The public has the right to accountability which is not available in this state.

There is no job performance score card, as the judicial council who pays a judge’s salary does not have any oversight over the judiciary. Judges do not receive their salary based on the merit of their job performance. The judges running unopposed will automatically be reelected until the year 2021.

A change in the voter system allowing voters to hold judges accountable is desperately needed.

Superior Court of Riverside County, California

Office 3
Candidate Incumbency Primary Vote Election Vote
Mark Ashton Cope Yes 66.81%Approved
Leonard J. Cravens No 33.19%

Office 18
Candidate Incumbency Primary Vote Election Vote
Sunshine S. Sykes Yes 68.81%Approved
Michael J. Harrington No 31.19%

Office 21
Candidate Incumbency Primary Vote Election Vote
Sean Lafferty No 56.73%Approved
Al Marchetti No 14.61%
Brian C. Pearcy No 28.48%

Unopposed Judge Charles E. Stafford, Jr. (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge David M. Chapman (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Gail O’Rane (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Harold W. Hopp (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Helios Joe Hernandez II (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge James S. Hawkins (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Jeffrey Prevost (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge John D. Molloy (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge John W. Vineyard (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Judith C. Clark (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Mark A. Mandio (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Matthew C. Perantoni (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Michael J. Rushton (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Otis Sterling III (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Raquel A. Marquez (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Richard T. Fields (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Roger A. Luebs (Not on ballot)
Unopposed Judge Sharon J. Waters (Not on ballot)


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