Court Domestic Violence Evaluation Poll.

Please take a few minutes of your time and answer and share the poll. Current results of the poll reflect that the issuance of a restraining order escalated the domestic abuse 25%; court did not adhere to CA family code 3011 (e) 8%; court addressed new incidences of domestic violence immediately 17%; court did not address new incidences of domestic violence immediately once a restraining order was issued 23%; children were not protected from exposure to domestic violence 31%.


2 comments on “Court Domestic Violence Evaluation Poll.

  1. The protective order in my case was actually dropped by another Judge who then return the abuser’s firearm to him.

  2. Abusive protective orders were incrementally used against me to give sole managing “conservatorship” and deprive me of all parental rights without terminating them (no “visitation”) of my only child, my son, who I haven’t been able to see in over 2 1/2 years, or even speak to via telephone or letters or gifts, who is now almost eight years old, to an alleged pedophile, his formerly absentee father who was never married to me, did not “co-habitate” with me, whose name is not on the birth certificate, who did not attend his only son’s/child’s birth, and who failed to sign Acknowledgement of Paternity. My son calls his wife “Mommy.”

    They should not be used by criminal fathers who apparently money can buy anything they want.

    I am opposed to the “protective” order due to judicial abuse via this insidious instrument of torture to forever in the future deny custody and terminate parental rights which I do not believe in. This is a child’s decision. Besides, man cannot, by his inherent nature, “terminate” rights. The books are closed and children cannot find their parents for ninety-nine years unless they are wealthy enough to hire an attorney, and even that will be a struggle. Yet, this is exactly the effect of ever having a protective order put upon a parent as legal presumption will always be against them.

    Caveat emptor, simpletons. No offense, just having a sad morning, by the way

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