As parents we teach our children the generally expected norms of society. One of those norms is the ability to recognize a mistake, take ownership and to ask for forgiveness.

Humans make mistakes. That is what makes us after all human. However, a peculiar phenomenon has emerged in our U.S. family court system. Once a mistake is made with devastating consequences to parents and their children, the court acts like a vicious rabid animal, perpetuating mistake after mistake after mistake, simply to cover up the initial “mistake” that did not adhere to the law in any capacity. In these circumstances everything is done to justify the initial mistake, no matter how warped and twisted the reasoning is, to uphold the initial mistake. It would have little consequence if a parent actually had a normal, rational ex-spouse on the other side. Many of these atrocity cases; however, thrive as there is a sadistic ex spouse who sees court proceedings as a victory to harm you and your children, making it crucial that the court conducts itself with a modicum of human decency and adhere to the law.

Somewhere, there is still that small girl or boy, disguised in the judicial robe who was taught to act with respect and to acknowledge a MISTAKE. The public would regain some confidence in the integrity of the judicial process if someone had the decency to step forward and say I AM SORRY for all the pain and suffering that you and your children have experienced, and we will ensure that no one else will have to go through the same thing.

Merely pontificating from the bench that a judge can NEVER give the time back that was lost to a parent does not address the mistake nor the perpetual modus operandi of the family court system to perpetuate the mistake.


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