Delay, Deny & Diminish – Judicial Council’s standard response.

“Our chief justice refers to these significant delay tactics as “deliberation: the hallmark of justice”. But what would happen if a bunch of justices in an appellate court deliberated a case for eighteen months and took another eighteen months to communicate their ruling? According to the law, they shouldn’t be paid because they did not clear the case from their docket in the allotted amount of time.”

Pointing fingers with unclean hands serves absolutely no purpose and perhaps the judicial branch needs to take some accountability for their own behavior and frivolous waste of taxpayer funded salaries.

Using the analogy of the JCW, perhaps the Fourth District Court of Appeal division 2 justices in particular Justices McKinster, Justice Ramirez, and Justice King can forfeit their salaries as they have dragged out appeals for over three years, including when an appeal was submitted for decision and briefed for OVER TWO YEARS. The issued opinion reflected a level of incompetence and lack of knowledge of the law that is an insult to the integrity of the judiciary in general. Perhaps the JCW would care to take their judicial brothers and sisters to task for the heinous level of incompetence that is a disgrace to their profession.

Judicial Council Watcher

For those of us who have observed the behaviors of the AOC and their handlers at the Judicial Council for the past five years, we’ve all observed stunning reports and audits being issued which should have caused heads to roll. Yet in that entire five year period, the only people who have ever been held accountable for anything are those people who had the audacity to bring issues to the attention of the council and the leadership.

In all of that time, not a single person has been terminated for mismanagement. As various independent audits and independent reports have shown, hundreds of millions of dollars in scarce public funds have been wasted. When these issues are brought to the attention of the council, the standard canned response has always been to delay change, to deny there is any problem and to diminish the results of the findings.

The end result…

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