Citation Debt: What’s really needed is a new approach.

Judicial Council Watcher

Over the past twenty years we’ve transformed a system of infraction based fines into a cycle of poverty. As it is now, it used to be that you had to pay the 35 dollar fine before you could contest your citation. Then the legislature started tacking on penalty assessments to fund every social cause near and dear to legislators hearts. While it used to require a $100.00 pre-payment to contest a traffic citation, some voodoo economics came into play that required defendants to not only come up with the fine but the penalty assessments. This brought the amount being required to be pre-paid to the courts from a hundred dollars to four hundred and ninety dollars for a whopping 500% increase – just to go to court.

Let’s face it, if justice is truly blind and access to justice is as important to the judicial council as they say it…

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