Anne Lee and Board of St. Joseph’s hospital attempts to deport singe mother. Fabricate emotional affair with Daniel Giersch

Anne Lee, residing at 24742 Evereve Cir, Lake Forest, CA; 24331 Muirlands Blvd, Lake Forest, CA, Eric Speare and the board of the St. Joseph Hospital have attempted to deport a single mother.

They have fabricated false records which were provided to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.  Anne Lee fabricated a report specifying that single mother has emotional affairs with Daniel Giersch and is highly sexualized based on the masturbation fantasy that Anne Lee has invented around single mother. She has fixated on this obsession and continues to do so. The single mother does not know Daniel Giersch nor does she have an affair with this person and she refuses to do so.  The emotional fixation that Anne Lee has created is harming the reputation of a single mother who refuses to associate with the individuals that are “picked” by Anne Lee as suitable.   This single mother refuses to be associated with Daniel Giersch.


The board voted to deport a single mother based on their fabrications against this mother. Not a single member of this board considered that single mothers have rights in the United States including the right to protect their children from their horrendous conduct and abuse. They even had the audacity to vote to commit a single mother who is not a patient of any of their doctors. This horrendous conduct would shock any normal, decent human being to an unbelievable degree as this type of conduct is not legally possible in the United States.

The board members consist of the following people:

Daniel Giersch offered to pay both Anne Lee and Eric Speare $ 100,000 to stop their harassment and stalking of a single mother with children. The refuse insisting on their cruel and unusual punishment centered around their own shocking conduct which is not based on anything resembling medical are.

They have discussed driving a single mother to the breaking point to harm her children so that their mother is not in their life and they refuse to stop with the harassment, stalking and association of people the are not in the life of the single mother. They fabricate issues that do not exist in the life of a single mother and flood the children’s school with these issues defaming the children in the process,

They are desperate to create an emotionally distressing situation for the children. They paraded a list of people on 2/13/2018 centered around the alleged emotional affair with Daniel Giersch and the other defamations associated with that affair requesting these people to identify a single mother based on a video that they broadcast to these people, violating CA penal code 632. Anne Lee has invented and fabricated so many issues around this single mother to prevent that she obtain legal redress and is able to enforce any restraining orders in this state. She fabricates report when she is not a medical provider of a single mother and cannot release them anyway due to HIPPA violations if a medical provider relationship even existed,

The escalating harassment, stalking persecution is based on the offer of Daniel Giersch to pay to stop the outrageous conduct and cruel and unseal punishment that a single mother is exposed to.

Ann Lee is an abusive psychopath who refuses to admit that she is a cruel, degrading, vindictive person who has only thought in mind and that is to harm domestic violence victims and their children at all cost based on issues that absolutely do not exist but are created and fabricated by Anne Lee.

Anne Lee has created a treatment obsession around a single mother based on the emotional issues fabricated by Ann Lee. She refuses to admit that she is not a medical provider that has treated this single mother despite her desperate obsession to portray this image to abuse the name of the single mother at all cost.


Chris Rekstad was told by his principle to stalk and harass domestic violence victims protected under a domestic violence program

Chris Rekstad (1011 Holmes WAY Calimesa, CA 92320 (909) 795-5578 was told by Kathleen Miller, the principle at Valley Elementary in Yucaipa, to stalk, harass and surveil domestic violence victims who are protected under a CA Secretary of State Safe at Home program with a privileged address. Chris Rekstad verbally abuses a 10 year old at school and harasses his mother at length, recording in violation of CA penal code section 632 committing a misdemeanor. He told his wife and children to stay in another room, so that he could the misdemeanor brainwashing them into believing that it is acceptable to behave in such a manner. He is possessive about the children of the single mother and refuses to admit that he does not any legal relevance.  He screams verbal abuse at single mothers and harasses them with his insane assumptions about adopting the children of this single mother. He believes that he has a right to invade the household of a single mother.
Kathleen Miller ( 35211 Crystal St, Yucaipa, CA; 9042) surveils and harasses domestic violence victims under a CA Secretary State Safe at Home program and refuse to treat these people with any respect. She ordered Chirs Rekstad to comply with her commands so that she has a hold on him for his unlawful conduct. She makes false accusations against single mothers and threatens them repeatedly with CPS. She refuses to report abuse to CPS as a mandatory reporter exposing domestic violence victims to additional abuse. She is vindictive and refuses to comply with the law. Chris Rekstad and Kathleen Miller refuses to treat the children of domestic violence victims with respect.
The same applies for single parents and they are vindictive people who have a secret fetish; to stalk, harass, surveil domestic violence victims who are protected under a domestic violence program which does not release their residential address. They do not have any respect for people, laws or domestic violence programs. Kathleen Miller attempts to intimate people to volunteer for the school and truly expects people to comply with her intimidation. They both believe that they intimidate people with their conduct, rather than realizing that they can be arrested. The laws of the United States do not apply to these people due to their “privileged” status. Chris Rekstad claims to be christian, but is not and refuses to act, according to his faith.
Kathleen Miller allows her grandchildren to surveil, harass domestic violence victims as well making them all accessories to misdemeanors. She is an abusive principle who refuses to treat children and single parents with respect.

Tamara Meyers, obsessive stalking at Timothy Ewanyshyn’s home

Tamara Meyers has an obsessive personality. She is spending the weekend at the home Timothy Ewanyshyn to obsessively, stalk and harass a single parent. She has expressed this obsession all over the Coachella Valley for a number of years and refuses to obtain treatment.  The only purpose for her presence is to harass and stalk a single parent based on the unlawful surveillance which violates CA penal code 632, a misdemeanor. Both Tamara Meyers and Timothy Ewanyshyn can be convicted of a crime. They both harass children as they feel entitled to so based on their belief that they are entitled to.

She only visits his home to harass and stalk a single parent with her children as their unlawful recording in violation of CA Penal code section 632 is common knowledge in the Coachella Valley. Timothy Ewanyshyn refuses to obtain counselling for his obsessive conduct.  Their only purpose is to remove a single parent and her children form the home that she has rather than accepting that they violate the law and criminally stalk, harass and defame a single parent at length so that they feel worthwhile as human beings.

Jeanette Sterling and Otis Sterling abusive; unlawful recording violation of ca penal code 632

Jeanette Sterling and Otis Sterling, (public address: Otis Sterling and Jeanette Sterling 82578 Lordsburg Dr, Indio, CA; 92201) are highly abusive. They stalk and harass domestic violence victims and violate the CA Secretary State Safe at Home Program and are desperate to exert their emotional control over their own emotions. This is even more ludicrous as Otis Sterling had three years of counseling due to his breakdown in 2015.  The entire focus of those counselling sessions was to obtain control over their emotions based on their harassment of domestic violence victims.

They violate CA penal code section 632 preferring to act illegally and to hide behind their unlawful activity.  Otis Sterling instructs his wife to violate the law which is a misdemeanor in the State of California. Otis Sterling was reprimanded for his vindictive prosecution of a person who is entitled to a double jeopardy law.  He attempted to prosecute this person four times.  They refuse to stop involving themselves in the personal lives of people and claim to have a personal relationship with the person they electronically stalk and harass. Judge Sterling harasses the children of domestic violence victims at length and refuses to stop escalating the danger they are in as he prefers to play games with women and children.

His psychologist has convinced him for three years to exert emotional control over a person that he does not know personally; thus endangering this person’s safety and the lives of this person’s children. Jeanette is a control freak and refuses to accept that she does not have any control over a single mother and her children.

Jeanette does not have an income and refuses to find a productive activity during the day instead focusing on harassment and stalking of a domestic violence victim and her children, based on her association with Jared Kushner.


Jeanetter d


Jeanette does not have an income and prefers to



Judge Wells dismisses dissolution action without addressing a restraining order which expires in 2020

Judge Wells issued yet another one of his order to show causes to dismiss a case. The only purpose is to dissolve a dissolution action as Judge Wells cannot tolerate divorce. The case was dismissed on 1/31/2018.

He failed to address the underlying restraining order, which is automatically dismissed, with the dismissal of the case. No party filed a request to dismiss the restraining order according to CCP section 533. The protected party currently does not have protection as the underlying case has been dismissed.






Judge Wells is out of control and phones children repeatedly on their cell phone. The conduct is designed to harass the children and a single parent as Judge Wells cannot tolerate that he cannot file order to show cause after order to show cause against the singe parent. Jude Wells has expressed his desire to hit and physically abuse the single mother and refuses to stop harassing her. He makes nasty, vindictive derogatory comments to everyone about her and obsessively stalks her children, even hiring people to follow this single mother to a beach.

He phones police departments in the middle of the night and requests that they stop a single mother who is driving on a freeway. The comments to the police department ares considered harassment as Judge Wells cannot tolerate that any person lives in peace, without the conflict that he generates. Judge Wells thrives on conflicts and perpetuates his nasty comments about his own mental illness and emotional relationship to this single mother to attorneys and judges.






White house fiasco with Jared Kushner and the Riverside Superior Court

The White house invited people in a panicked rush last week demonstrating their lunatic asylum. They have invented a new game with Prism as a tool used to communicated and to brainwash people to accept their point of view.

Judge Sterling, Judge Hopp, Judge Wells, Timothy Ewansyhyn were present at this fiasco where Donald Trump and Jared Kushner invented a new legal proceeding in the United States which does not exist. Timothy Ewanyshyn just received his CA third bar complaint based on his unethical conduct as an attorney and refuses to act as an attorney.

The purpose is to destroy a parent so that this parent does not have any income with their false accusations and defamation. The ludicrous game invented by Jared Kushner is  farce. The only point is to attempt to control a single parent at all cost no matter the cost to their personal life.

Jared Kushner is a drug addict and refuses to obtain help. He has distributed Prism to the entire judiciary, police form and other people, including children. This is a human experiment that is not authorized by any country, institution who are subject to human subject protocols. This experiment would never be approved but is used to harm people and brainwash children into believing that a single parent is not in the life of children.

Prism increases the personality disorders that people suffer from highlighting and magnifying every single negative trait and is an abusive tool, used to abuse and brainwash people. It harms the brain of the people that it is exposed to including the developing brain of children.

Prism is disseminated on cell phones and can be used to stalk, harass and harm people violating any restraining order if the person who operates prism is restrained.